The World's best educational resources, neatly packaged together for places without internet

(RACHEL content and updates are always free.  Each product has DIY instructions.  We will never charge for Creative Commons content and commit to always making our products as easy to replicate as possible)

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RACHEL servers include copies of educational websites as they existed in the recent past.  By storing copies of websites directly on RACHEL devices, no internet is required and there are no monthly subscription costs.

When a RACHEL server is turned on, a RACHEL server emits a wireless signal, just like the one you are likely using to read this website.  This signal however, only provides access to the copies of websites stored directly on the RACHEL device.  Any device with a web browser (a laptop, desktop, tablet, or smartphone) can connect to RACHEL's wireless signal.

Depending on your installation location, desired features, and the number of people who will be simultaneously accessing your RACHEL server, we offer the following versions:  

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